TMII Target 90 Thousand Visitors
News Today: To pamper its visitors, welcomed the new New Year's Eve, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) will be presenting a variety of exciting entertainment. Fireworks, all-night wayang performances, performances campursari and various other entertainment offered by the organizers for those of you who will pass the new New Year's Eve celebration in this area. Therefore, any party TMII target of 90 thousand visitors will pack the tourist areas located in eastern Jakarta.

"Tonight we are targeting as many as 30 thousand visitors. Then at night the turn of the new year we are targeting as many as 60 thousand visitors. So, if Terliht we target as many as 90 thousand visitors who will fill the Christmas holiday and new year in TMII, "said Gunawan, Assistant Communications Manager TMII, Sunday (26/12).

Gunawan disclosed, the institute has opened a booth selling tickets to get into TMII since 05.00 this morning. This is done because every Sunday morning, East Jakarta and its surrounding communities do if fitness. Noted, until 0700 the number of tickets sold reaches 7000 pieces. The number is predicted to increase to 30 thousand pengnujung at night later. For a variety of interesting entertainment will be presented to the visitors. As for the price of admission TMII for year-end holiday changes. If in the morning only Rp 5,000 per share will start this afternoon, since at 17.00 - the night, the tariff increase to USD 20 thousand per share.

All activities will be centered on the Plaza Arsipel, starts at 17:20 - 24.00. Tonight, a number of leading bands and artists will look like, J-Rocks, Box, Alexandria, Jannu and other guest stars. In fact, the committee will also hold events to watch with my AFF Cup final 2010 between Malaysia vs Indonesia. Nobar event will begin at 19.00 tonight.

"The number of visitors will certainly increase the appeal of Christmas celebrations in 2009 and then that only about 20 thousand visitors. Because this time we have provided a new vehicle, such as Snow Bay (arena rendang and Waterboom) and Kong Miao temple or China Town, "said Gunawan on

Especially in the snow bay, said Gunawan, by buying a ticket admission ticket Rp 110 thousand per visitor, the public can enjoy various water rides. Starting from the pool, Waterboom, surf rock and gasebo.

While on New Year's Eve special events, exciting activities will be held from December 31, at 19:00. Targeted number of visitors on New Year's Eve it will reach 60 thousand visitors. This number increased from last year which only reached 49 thousand visitors. All activities will also be centered on the Plaza Arsipel by presenting a variety of exciting entertainment.

Among these are, who presented the glory attractions Indonesian silat. Then dance the Indonesian cultural collaboration of several regions that are packed in a chic and contemporary. Other entertainment, performances masui, which featured a number of bands such as, KJP Band and Omelette. Promptly at 24.00 or enter January 1, 2011, fireworks will be made.

Meanwhile, to provide security and comfort of all visitors who will enjoy the New Year's Eve, party TMII cooperate with police and army as well as Satpol PP. There are at least 300 police officers dressed in official and civilian, 70 military members and 20 members of the PP Satpol who will perform at the event TMII security at the turn of the year. "The presence of the entire security apparatus is expected to add comfort to people who will enjoy the New Year's Eve at TMII,"

Sherman's Way Movie Review
Skyline felirat Spoiler Ending, This is a well made comedy drama on behalf of a journey of self discovery, focusing on a law apprentice Sherman Black played by Michael Shulman who discovers a little approximately himself and life from a road tumble with a two-time Olympian, Palmer played by James LeGros (Ally McBeal).

We rally Sherman with his girlfriend Marcy played by the lovely Lacey Chabert (she has full-fledged quite a set since the amazing kid player in Party of Five). Marcy has issues with Sherman on behalf of not taking charge and making his own decisions, it turns on show each aspect of his life is being controlled by his powerful protect Evelyn, played by Donna Murphy (she still looks as ageless as she did with Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Insurrection), she controls which law partnership he chooses to achieve his internship, and is anti him costs the summer with Marcy.

Sherman decides to expire anti the grain and substantiate to Marcy so as to he can pressurize somebody into decisions on behalf of himself, and attempts to ignore his mother's wishes by costs the summer with Marcy, lacking let her know, he intends to really rotate up by her access step, in the process he happens to bump into any more fellow who helps him with his luggage, on both of them realization Marcy's front access, he is a little surprised to go with Marcy kissing the guy, she eventually notices him and while he walks away in a rage, she follows him, but as a replacement for of apologising she says "this is could you repeat that? It seems" and tells him she is really demanding to explore the distinct options life has in stockroom on behalf of her.

Modish his anger Sherman decides to expire back to the law internship his protect had arranged on behalf of him, and hails a driver to fail him a cancel, and Palmer arrives, fresh from an awkward performance by a car dealership, which he missing with a classic vehicle nicknamed "The Rooster", it turns on show Palmer is at odds from his son, and would like to fail him "The Rooster" as a graduation state, except for his son graduated three years in the past. After a brusque block up by a banquet, Sherman unfortunately finds on show he has lost his wallet getting into Palmer's car, and has nix option but to phone his protect on behalf of fiscal assistance, however he takes this opportunity to stall his ground anti her weight, and stays with Palmer to substantiate a direct to himself so as to he can pressurize somebody into his own decisions.

The two unlucky persons come across themselves paired all together by the homewards of Palmer's colleague D.J., played by Enrico Colantoni (A.I.), and although they seem to be polar opposites; with Sherman intent on keeping a schedule, while Palmer on the other employee would very take life as it comes, they finish off up learning from both other. While Palmer's Rooster is being fixed Sherman does various shopping around the town on behalf of his materials, and bumps into the lovely and strange Addy, played by Brooke Nevin (The 4400), they befall friendly and Sherman asks her on a year, unfortunately he cannot drive, neither can he swim, and tops up having Palmer drive both of them around, anywhere they finish off up in a lake, in a very hilarious occurrence.

Global Warming Is For Real. New Evidence Point Out
El Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 22, Global warming, a terrifying thought to many (except for a few skeptics) is in the forefront once again. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the US government has announced only last September, the global average for the period January to August 2010 is 580F (14.5 0C) and that is only second to the average in 1998, the all-time record since the record keeping commenced way back in 1880.

So far the recoded average temperature this year has been 1.21 oF (-17.1 0c) over even the 20th century global average.

The year 2005 however is on record as the warmest ever in spite of the lower first eight month temperatures. An unexpected upward rush of the temperatures towards the tail end of the year put it on record as the warmest ever over a period of twelve months.

Phew! That was only 5 years ago and now this.

News Today, NAOAA’s Global Climatic Data Centre also point out that last August was the 3rd hottest August on record, the top spot going to the year 1998, last year being the second. Last August the average temperature on the planet has been 62.2 0F (16.20C)

The summer worked out from June to August has recorded a sensational 61.3 oF (16.3 0C) on the average, being only second to the all time peak in 1998.

Apart from the unusual hottest climates experienced in the Eastern Europe, Eastern Canada and certain regions of Eastern Asia in last August, the Australian continent, Central Russia and Southern parts of South America showed lower than normal cool climate unexpectedly.

The other side of the coin is presented by the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) of the US who has been monitoring the Snow and Ice Data in the Arctic through satellites moving miles above earth since 1979. They have revealed the sea ice covering this summer has been the third lowest since they commenced recording data. Only data recorded in the years 20o7 and 2008 have been thinner. On the September 10th they recorded the lowest sea ice coverage for the current year, measuring only 1.8 million square miles (466,197 860 hectares) which is 625,000 square miles (161, 874 257 hectares) less than the minimum average recorded over the period 1979 to 2009. (Too recent for my comfort!)

Surprisingly, in spite the delayed on set of the ice melt season, the rate of ice loss accelerated losing within days quantities equivalent to that lost in May and June. The melting season has been shortened to just 163 days.

The Arctic mammalian fauna has been driven to the shorelines as the sea ice available in plenty during this period in other years has been hard to come by this year. Melting of ice in Greenland, Antarctica, Glaziers in Himalayan mountainous regions are instrumental in the ocean level rising in several parts of the planet.

The atmospheric scientists continue to press their data based inference that these distorted weather patterns and geophysical changes are due to global warming, which unfortunately some still fail to grasp. NAOAA‘s records do provide unshakable scientific evidence of gradual rising of the atmospheric temperature. Meanwhile only a few weeks backs it has been reported that the flow of water to the oceans from the main land mass has increased by 18% over the last few decades.

First Ride CBR 250R

Honda baru saja mengeluarkan CBR250R di Thailand. Motor ini dilepas dalam 2 tipe yakni tipe standar Harga Honda CBR 250R 100 ribu baht (30 juta) dan tipe full spec yang dilengkapi fitur ABS berharga 120 ribu baht (Rp 35 jutaan). Tapi bagaimanakah dengan performanya?

Beruntung detikOto bisa melakukan first ride motor sport teranyar yang juga direncanakan masuk ke Indonesia di Sirkuit Bira, Pattaya, Thailand.

Tidak mau menunggu lama, mari kita sepak motor ini. Tapi sebelum itu, longok dulu disainnya. Dari luar, tampilan motor ini tampak menarik dengan disain lampu tajam dengan garis lekukan halus yang mengalir hingga ke buritan.

Selesai memandang, detikOto pun segera menaiki motor ini. Rasa pertama yang mencuat adalah ergonomi yang mumpuni.

Jarak dari jok ke tanah dirasa pas, tidak tinggi, tidak juga rendah. Ini keuntungan yang didapat karena tanah kelahiran CBR ada di Thailand yang notabene masyarakatnyamemiliki postur tubuh yang mirip dengan Indonesia.

Mesin pun dinyalakan. Dapur pacu CS250RE, liquid cooled, 4 tak DOHC pun menderu. Dengan 1 silinder yang diaplikasi motor ini suara CBR 250R lebih lembut dan tidak ngebas seperti halnya motor 2 silinder.

Perseneling diinjak dan selongsong gas dipelintir, motor pun langsung melaju. Keluar dari pit stop, tikungan pun langsung menghadang, disini handling dan stabilitas CBR 250R berbicara, tubuh CBR 250R yang memiliki dimensi dimensi 2,035x0,720x1,125 meter (PxLxT) terasa nurut diajak meliuk.

Selepas itu, dua tikungan berbentuk 'S' menanti. Disini stabilitas CBR 250R yang mengusung transmisi enam percepatan kembali berbicara meski RPM dan kecepatan tetap

Fitur Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) dan Combi Brake System (CBS) yang tertanam di sistem pengereman pun membuat kenyaman dan keamanan makin meningkat meski motor
direm lumayan mendadak.

Setelah itu, jalur lurus tersaji, disain tubuh yang aerodinamis memberi kesempatan untuk memacu CBR 250R lebih kencang. Hanya saja, RPM CBR 250R dikunci Honda diangka 10.500. Padahal motor ini sebenarnya bisa dipacu lebih tinggi dari itu.

Tapi tetap saja, angka 140 km perjam tetap mampu dicapai dengan boreXstroke 76x55 dan rasio kompresi 10,7 yang dimiliki motor ini. Bahkan ada beberapa jurnalis yang mampu melebihi angka itu.

Akhirnya dengan segala fitur dan keunggulan yang dimiliki serta aplikasi sistem pengabutan injeksi khas Honda, programmed fuel injection system (PGM-FI) yang membuatnya ramah lingkungan dengan standar emisi Euro3, Honda CBR 250R pun pantas menjadi salah satu motor paling ditunggu di tahun 2011 nanti.

Penasaraan dengan motor sport milik Honda satu ini. Tunggu kehadirannya di Indonesia.

Menyulap Kamar Villa Menjadi Studio Musik

Kamar villa yang mirip kamar hotel berubah menjadi 180 derajat untuk keperluan workshop J-Rocks. Butuh usaha yang tidak mudah untuk membuat ruangan workshop yang pas. Itupun dilakukan tengah malam.

Persis tengah malam (4/10) rombongan J-Rocks masuk Villa di daerah Sentul Bogor. Villa dua lantai itu cukup besar. Raungan bawah ada yang dipakai sebagai lapangan futsal. Bukit dapat dilihat di depan dan belakang villa.

Semua orang turun dari mobil dan berpencar untuk mencari tempat yang pas untuk menempatkan alat-alat musik. Semua kamar dan ruangan diperiksa. “Gak ada orang yang protes kalau kita berisik di sini kan?” Kata Sony.

Akhirnya keempat personel J-Rocks sepakat untuk menggunakan sebuah kamar yang ada di pojok villa. Letaknya di lantai dua. Ruangan yang tadinya rapi dan lengkap seperti kamar hotel itupun dirombak total. Tempat tidur dikeluarkan. Kursi dan meja yang tidak dipakai juga ikut dibersihkan. Ruangan ukuran 4 X 4 meter itu terlihat lapang.

Itu tidak berlangsung lama. Ruangan kembali penuh dengan hardcase dan barang-barang lain yang dibawa dari Jakarta. Ada delapan gitar, dua buah bass, satu set drum elektrik, amplifier buat gitar dan bass, keyboard controller, biola dan banyak lagi. Dua personal computer yang dibawa oleh Sony dan Andrie , additional keyboardist J-Rocks ikut menyesaki ruangan itu. Andrie bertugas sebagai operator rekaman.

Iman, Sony, Wima dan Anton serta dibantu Andrie, Abek, kru J-Rocks dan penjaga vila mengangkat barang-barang itu sendiri. Satu-persatu dikeluarkan dari mobil dan diangkat ke lantai dua.

Proses setting alatpun dimulai. Pertama menentukan posisi yang pas untuk tiap alat. Sony meminta drumnya elektriknya menghadap ke luar ruangan. "Bosen lihat mereka terus," candanya. Pertama dipasang adalah komputer untuk sebagai alat kontrol suara. Semua orang bekerja. Seperti Anton, ia memasang drumnya sendiri.

Pukul 02.20 setting ruangan selesai. Ruangan berubah total. Lebih mirip sebuah studio musik. Semua instrumen telah dikeluarkan dari hardcase-nya. Hardcase yang tidak digunakan lagi, dipindah ke ruangan lain. Tiap personel mempunyai tempat sendiri-sendiri. Wima memilih dekat jendela berseberangan dengan Anton. Sony memilih di dekat komputer. Iman lesehan di karpet. Sesekali ia memainkan gitar sambil berdiri.

Waktu jam-session dimulai. Belum ada vokal. Hanya instrument yang dimainkan. Beberapa kali berhenti sesaat untuk diskusi. Wima dan Anton terlibat berapa percakapan untuk menentukan beat lagu. Begitu juga Iman dan Sony. Suasana mulai menghangat. Menjelang subuh, sekitar pukul empat pagi. Latihan harus diakhiri tiba-tiba karena aliran listrik putus.(dra)


Mobil Pilihan Keluarga Ideal Terbaik
Mobil Toyota adalah mobil yang sangat banyak digunakan oleh masyarakat saat ini, tak heran bila toyota selalu mengeluarkan produk barunya dengan berbagai tipe yang menarik bagi pecinta mobil. Saat ini Toyota astra Indonesia Sedang mengadakan Kontes Seo Award 2010, dengan keyword Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik Indonesia.

Salasatu Presenter indonesia berbagi tips dengan denga kita, mungkin ini sangat bermanfaat untuk kita dalam mengurus mobil supaya tak kena mogok bila sedang diperjalanan atau dimanapun.

Bertatap muka dengan Meita Lydiawati sangatlah mengasyikkan. Presenter Indonesia Community MNC TV Cable sekaligus vokalis band Quina mengakui kalau mobil adalah rumah kedua baginya.

Tidak mengherankan jika mobil Toyota Starlet kapsulnya dipenuhi properti penunjang kegiatan profesinya sebagai penyanyi. “Mengingat kesibukanku cukup padat, di dalam mobilku selalu membawa peralatan make up, pakaian yang sudah disetrika rapi aku gantung di bagian pintu mobil, peralatan sholat, laptop, termos air, sepatu, bantal. Wah, udah kayak rumah deh,” ujarnya ketika ditemui saat launching singel Cuma Kamu di MU CafĂ© Sarinah, Thamrin beberapa hari lalu.

Kesibukannya yang cukup padat, membuat lajang bertubuh mungil ini amat memperhatikan perawatan mobilnya. Hal pertama yang dilakukan saat hendak bepergian adalah rajin memeriksa air radiator kendaraannya. Selanjutnya, Meita tidak pernah lupa memanaskan kendaraannya lebih dahulu saat hendak menggunakannya.

“Aku panasin dulu mobil sedikitnya 10 menit. Dan gasnya dibiarkan normal. Karena kalau gasnya digeber, aku takut mesin mobilku cepet rusak.”

Untuk perawatan mesin mobil, Meita selalu mengganti oli mesinnya tepat waktu. “Aku selalu melihat kilometer mobilku dan selalu rajin ganti oli. Makanya, mobilku suaranya tetap halus,” papar mantan host DJ Kamu di Radio Prambors ini.

Kini Meita tengah merencanakan memodifikasi Toyota Starlet kapsulnya. Biaya yang dianggarkan sebesar Rp 30 juta. “Aku kepengin mendesain ulang interior mobilku, misalnya untuk menaruh speaker musik, mengganti velg mobil dengan yang lebih tampil sporty.”

Meita juga cukup jeli membeli mobil baru. Kiat pertama yang dilakukan adalah memperhatikan cat kendaraan, fisik, suku cadang mobil yang mudah didapat, dan tentunya mobil itu mudah dijual.

Tak mengherankan dia pun fanatik dengan merek Toyota. “Makanya aku beli mobil Jepang. Kalau pun dijual gampang dan nggak rugi banget,” sergah Meita yang juga memiliki Kijang kapsul.

Dalam berkendaraan, Meita tidak pernah lupa mengenakan sabuk pengaman. Selain itu, dirinya tidak pernah memacu kendaraan dengan kecepatan 100 km per-jam. “Aku takut kalau tiba-tiba ban mobilku pecah atau ada mobil yang mendadak berhenti, aku nggak bisa menguasai mobil. Wah, kalau sampai kejadian, aku ngeri banget,” tutupnya.